I'll go where you will lead me, lord

One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple. -Psalm 27:4


one night we may lay

side by side in bed

and wonder

how we got here —

tears swimming ’round

our heads.

my back will be

turned to you

yet we’ll find

each other

somehow, in raw


remembering why I am yours

and you are mine.


she writes a love letter

don’t make her put her pen down.

I will fight

they called you a slut

they called you a whore

they kicked you ’til they saw your blood on the floor

you took to the blade

betrayed your own skin

then remembered you’re not of this world they live in

God cleansed all your wounds

He showed you the light

Then He whispered, “You need only be still, I will fight.”


The Wall

I tossed countless flowers over the wall

And counted myself brave.

I waited for you, my heart full of hope,

And treasured the few that you gave.

Before the sun rose, I faithfully sat

Counting days with my ear to the stone

Listening for the sound of your feet

To know that I was not alone.

Then one day the silence became too familiar,

The flowers had grown old with time.

Staring up at the wall, I felt so very small

But I decided to climb.

I never looked down as I dug into stone;

My fingers began to bleed.

And when I reached the top, my heart simply dropped

At the sight I’d so dreaded to see:

The roses and lilacs and daisies I’d sent

Lay lifeless in a pile on the ground.

They had never been touched, I could tell this much

And you were nowhere to be found.

Yet all at once, I felt like the fool!

It was not about flowers at all.

For even if you’d sent a thousand more,

You never tried climbing the wall.

A Lesson in Love from Mr. & Mrs. Day

Source: A Lesson in Love from Mr. & Mrs. Day


I never understood the words

Of the fair maiden Solomon so adored:

“Do not stir or awaken love

Until it so desires.”

For how can I be sure

If love will ever awake

Without my stirring?

How can I trust

That love will find me

Without my seeking?

So constantly and hastily,

I have assumed the role

Of Solomon and Suitor

And in turn, received nothing

But insecure love

And the question:

“Would he have loved me

Had I not whispered it first into his ear?”


You loved me clothed,
Loved me bare,
You loved every single hair.
Loved me cross,
Loved me dull,
And you loved my aching soul.
Loved me well,
Loved me best,
And you loved all of the rest,
But you just can’t love me now,
So only time will be our test.


You promised me your heart

And you promised me your mind

You promised you’d be soft

And you promised you’d be kind.

I guess I never thought

You would ever lie to me

For the only thing you promised

Was a painful memory.

Before the Sunrise

I woke up at 4:30 today for no reason, and I just couldn’t get myself to fall back asleep. But instead of feeling annoyed and groggy, I felt peaceful. I felt the urge to pray, but it felt more like a random text from an old friend – one that just makes your day and fills you with sweetness – than a formal calling from God. That peace in my heart just grew and grew, and I was reminded that God is watching over me. Maybe He needed to catch me at 4:30 AM, because that’s when my mind isn’t so busy and distracted with other things. Maybe He was trying to tell me that even when I am distracted and busy, He comes first simply because He can bless the entire day if I would only trust Him.
Or maybe He woke me up so I could catch the sunrise, and notice for the first time that birds sing on the telephone lines at the end of my street. Either way, I know I want more of this. I want more of His peace and His love. I want to trust Him, even before the sunrise.


Be Alone

Don’t be afraid to be alone.  Sometimes, it is when we’re alone that God’s voice sounds the most clear to us.  How would we know that a relationship is intended by God if we don’t know God Himself?  Enjoy the single life while you can, and don’t waste it away constantly wishing you were somewhere else.  Waiting on God’s timing has never hurt anyone.  If anything, it has only made relationships taste even sweeter.  How would you ever know the value of being with someone if you have never been by yourself?

Be alone, and enjoy it.