The Gift

by thefoxdraws

He awakes me from my slumber and sits by my bed as I slowly open my eyes, blinking away tears that had remained from the night before. I peer around the bedroom, still cherishing the pocket of warmth sustained between my blanket and my body. My eyes meet His gentle gaze.

“My child,” He whispers, “Come.”

The chill of the morning air causes me to hesitate. Yet He says again, “Come.”

I know I have stayed here for much too long. I rise and the blanket falls away, but His steady, warm hand takes mine and all else is forgotten. He leads me out the door. Our feet pad softly along the carpet down the hallway.

He lets me wonder what is to come until I see it sitting there on the living room floor. It is everything. It is unreal. It is more than I have ever dared to ask for.

I take one step towards it, then quickly look back at Him. He smiles warmly … tears fill my eyes, tears of unbelief.

“Lord, for me?” I whisper. I can barely speak, I can barely breathe.

“Go on,” He says, nodding towards it. I barely touch it with my fingertips before I start to sob.

“Lord, why me? I did nothing to deserve this.”

He laughs softly.

“Because, my child, I love you.”