Stop Compromising.

by thefoxdraws

The ultimate purpose of us being here on Earth and of Jesus dying on the cross is to make God’s name known and glorified.  While being single allows us to carry out that purpose alone – or perhaps faster and more efficiently, if you’re a solo worker – marriage can be just as instrumental.  Two people working together to advance God’s kingdom not only holds so much potential to impact the hearts of others, but also glorifies God within the relationship, therefore keeping it alive and prosperous.  So how much impact are you really making for God’s purpose if you are not pursuing someone who understands that same purpose?  How can that significant other love you like Christ does and sacrifice himself like Christ did if he or she does not understand Christ’s love in the first place?

As it is written in Song of Solomon 8:4, “I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.”  Wait on the Lord, and do not waste time – precious time God has given us to spread the good news while we are here on Earth – pursuing something or someone less than the perfect plan God ordained for you before you were even born.  Do not replace God’s amazing design for marriage – the union of two people called according to His purpose – with the lie that your heart can be satisfied by compromising.