Dear God,

by thefoxdraws

I had a dream last night about my best friend of 14 years.  For the sake of anonymity, I will name her K.

For our entire friendship, I have prayed for K and wanted to share my faith with her, but it seemed I could never find the right timing.  We always had something else to do, something else to talk about.  Whenever I did share a little about church and what I believe in, she always seemed like she cared but did not want to be involved.  This dream has caused me to believe that the time is near for me to finally share with her.

School just got out, and she spontaneously invited me to her house.  Suddenly, I thought, This is the perfect opportunity for me to share the Gospel with her.  So I went without saying a word to my parents or anyone else about where I was going.  As we walked up her driveway, we saw her next-door neighbor doing something in his yard that suggested he was a Christian (I can’t remember exactly what he was doing.  Perhaps he was hanging a cross on his door or something similarly symbolic).  I looked at K and she responded to his actions with a negative comment, something along the lines of how strange and superstitious her neighbor was.  It bothered me greatly as we entered her house – that this was the image she had of Christians – and she probably thought the same of me but never admitted it.  So I stopped in the hallway, causing her to look back at me in question.  I stood there and said firmly, “I think it’s time for me to tell you what I really believe in.”

Still confused, she replied, “Okay…but it’s not like you need to.  I already know.”

“I don’t think you do.  I just want to make sure it’s clear.”

Next thing I know, I’m sitting on her bedroom floor with K and her younger sister B.  As a side note, I have been praying for B as well ever since I told her I was going to church and she replied with, “Ew…you go to church? That’s so weird.”  So I was surprised to see that in my dream, she seemed very open to what I was about to share with them.

I first asked the two sisters what their conception of Christianity was.  K spoke up first, saying she thought Christians worshipped the sun and did a lot of stupid rituals to worship things they could not see.  B piped up from behind her and said she had thought that too.  I immediately responded, “That is a huge misconception.  We do not worship the sun, nor do we do a bunch of meaningless rituals.”  K seemed to get annoyed and bored of the subject, so she brushed it off with, “We’ve been best friends for so long.  It doesn’t matter if I know or don’t know what you believe in, as long as we’re still best friends and we just respect each other.”  But I was not satisfied.  I said, “It’s because we are best friends and I want to stay best friends that I feel I must share what I believe in.  How else can we trust each other completely than to be completely open about ourselves?”

She shut herself off again, suggesting we go do something else.  I then realized I still hadn’t told my mom where I was yet, so I said, “Unfortunately I have to go home.”  Getting up from the bed, she asked, “So is that the only reason you came?”

“No, but I felt like it was the right time to tell you.”

Then I woke up.

My first thought when I opened my eyes was, This is big.  Like I mentioned before, I have prayed for the timing and the ability to share the truth with K for years.  And for years, I have not received an answer.  Finally, through a dream – the most clear way God speaks to me – I see that it is time to turn the tide.  It is time to stop letting K and B brush off Christianity as a meaningless and superstitious religion and never find out the truth for themselves.  It is time to stop living in my comfort zone and share the most important truth with the friend I care about most.

Now of course, fear is a big reason why several Christians never speak out about their faith – even with their closest friends and family.  If K was as rude in real life as she was in the dream, I would feel discouraged by this dream.  After all, she did not receive me well in the dream.  However, I know her well.  I know for a fact that she is not nearly as quick-tempered as her dream self.  Yet, my dream self was not afraid to challenge her.  So what do I have to fear in real life?