Dear God,

by thefoxdraws

So I’ve been leading a group this summer for girls.  It’s like a Bible study, but we’re also reading a book about building our relationship with God before we think about dating.  So far it’s been great.  I’ve learned just how far God is willing to go in order to show us that He loves us.  I’ve learned that sometimes we are more thankful for the things God has given us than we are for the Giver.  But most of all, I’ve learned that God is the best friend we could ever ask for.

Growing up, I was always taught in Sunday school to see Jesus as my best friend.  Unfortunately, this lesson seemed vague and irrelevant to my life – not necessarily because I didn’t appreciate God, but because I didn’t know the value of friendship quite yet.  I saw God as my Savior, but certainly not as someone I could have a casual conversation with.  It was not until the end of high school that I began to realize the meaning of friendship and intimacy as a whole.  I learned this by looking at my own friendships.

When we are intimate with our friends, we aren’t afraid to ask them things like: “Whatcha doin today?” “Wanna hang out?” or “What’s wrong?”  In fact, those very questions create the closeness we have with them.  I’m never afraid to ask my closest friend Catherine if she wants to hang out because I know she enjoys my company.  I’m never afraid to tell her what is troubling me or ask what is troubling her because I know she cares about me.  So why should it be any different with God?

I’ve learned my whole life that God loves me, cares about the details of my life, and wants to spend time with me.  So this morning, when I first opened my eyes – before I even turned on my phone to check my messages – I prayed, “Good morning God.  What are you up to today?”