The Wall

by thefoxdraws

I tossed countless flowers over the wall

And counted myself brave.

I waited for you, my heart full of hope,

And treasured the few that you gave.

Before the sun rose, I faithfully sat

Counting days with my ear to the stone

Listening for the sound of your feet

To know that I was not alone.

Then one day the silence became too familiar,

The flowers had grown old with time.

Staring up at the wall, I felt so very small

But I decided to climb.

I never looked down as I dug into stone;

My fingers began to bleed.

And when I reached the top, my heart simply dropped

At the sight I’d so dreaded to see:

The roses and lilacs and daisies I’d sent

Lay lifeless in a pile on the ground.

They had never been touched, I could tell this much

And you were nowhere to be found.

Yet all at once, I felt like the fool!

It was not about flowers at all.

For even if you’d sent a thousand more,

You never tried climbing the wall.