Before the Sunrise

by thefoxdraws

I woke up at 4:30 today for no reason, and I just couldn’t get myself to fall back asleep. But instead of feeling annoyed and groggy, I felt peaceful. I felt the urge to pray, but it felt more like a random text from an old friend – one that just makes your day and fills you with sweetness – than a formal calling from God. That peace in my heart just grew and grew, and I was reminded that God is watching over me. Maybe He needed to catch me at 4:30 AM, because that’s when my mind isn’t so busy and distracted with other things. Maybe He was trying to tell me that even when I am distracted and busy, He comes first simply because He can bless the entire day if I would only trust Him.
Or maybe He woke me up so I could catch the sunrise, and notice for the first time that birds sing on the telephone lines at the end of my street. Either way, I know I want more of this. I want more of His peace and His love. I want to trust Him, even before the sunrise.