Nobody has perfect parents.

by thefoxdraws

I remember this as I sit at the silent dinner table, tensions subtle but obvious between Mom and Dad. They had just fought about something I had plenty of opinion on. But I stay silent and absorb myself in the crumbs on my plate. My mind wanders to an idea I’ve always had but would never vocalize in front of them: what if I had parents like my friends’? What if my parents solved conflicts peacefully, and always apologized if not? And I wouldn’t even be asking for perfect parents. I would simply be asking for a peaceful home.
I then reflect on my parents’ impact on my behavior. What traits have I inherited from them? Would I be just as impatient with my future husband? Surely anything I do that resembles their actions is their fault.

And yet, if I am capable of dreaming up some set of parents that behaves differently…aren’t I responsible for imitating such ideal behavior?

Nobody has perfect parents, and it is sad but true. Hopefully I am one of those kids, however, that choose to not let that stop them from trying to be better for their own children. Nobody can be perfect, but we can still aspire to be examples.