by thefoxdraws

Why does Motherhood
     Ring fear
          And rebellion
     In the modern girl’s heart?
Why does the modern girl
          Retreat from Motherhood?
     “I will never have kids,”
          She swears.
I realize now
     Motherhood requires
     And sacrifice
When will the modern girl
     Fearlessly defend her children,
     Trade her own rights for her children,
     Deny her wants to satisfy her children?
When will the modern girl
     Become an honorable woman?

(Read more to see my personal notes on this poem.)

As a sixteen-year-old girl, I am caught between the childhood stage of my life and the transition into adulthood. As a result, I have witnessed many girls around my age turn away from the idea of becoming mothers in the future. And call me old-fashioned, but it saddens me that most girls have no desire whatsoever to take up the responsibility of sacrificing themselves for others – the center of marriage and raising children. Especially due to the sacrificial and wise mother who raised me, I strongly associate motherhood with joyfully giving up one’s own wants and demands for one’s children’s sake. Thus, in “Motherhood” I express some of my disappointment in girls who choose not to deny themselves for others and who therefore see no joy in motherhood.