The Sign

by thefoxdraws

(NOTE: This is totally not my usual style of writing. Rather than a poem this is more of…an angry rap.  This is also totally not my usual emotion, but I decided to try something new. Here it goes…)

Sometimes I get sad and I think of you
But then I just get mad that I think of you, remember you
Cause you’re a sad reminder of our sad little story
You swore to keep in touch, then you stopped replying shortly

It lasted for a week, maybe two at the most
But you’re a parasite, I guess you found a new host
What did I not give? What did I do to displease you?
Maybe I just overtook you
Maybe I should just release you.

Now look at me, I’m back to thinking I did something wrong,
That I should’ve stepped my game up, maybe then we’d last long
But I just need to STOP
Treat this wound with some gauze
Cause the thing that ended us
Wasn’t my own flaws.

What you do right now, in the future, isn’t mine
You chose to forget, you left me behind
I need to find peace and I’m searching through my mind
For a purpose, for a reason to move on,
For a sign.